Torvehallerne is a food market that sells everything the stomach desires – fruit, fish, meat, wine, etc. – all of the higest quality. During your visit, you can enjoy a bite to eat at Hallernes Smørrebrød.

We have 16 seats around a bar where you can watch smørrebrød being made, locals shopping, and curious tourists taking photos.

We are not a restaurant, but an open sandwich bar and therefore we cannot guarantee you a seat. There are common dining areas outside, however, where you can sit in all kinds of weather.

The atmosphere in Torvehallerne is busy and cosy, and radiates a love of good food.

It is not possible to reserve a table.

Tivoli Food Hall

Tivoli Food Hall is an intimate and cosy place with small food stalls that offer a wide range of dining experiences.
You can enjoy smørrebrød and the cheerful atmosphere of Tivoli Food Hall at our bar. There are also several common dining areas, and a lovely terrace that looks out to Tivoli. You can enter Tivoli from the terrace if you have already purchased a ticket.
It is not possible to reserve a table.

Magasin at Kgs. Nytorv

You get the most beautiful view over Kongens Nytorv and the Royal Danish Theatre when you enjoy your smørrebrød on the fifth floor of the historical Magasin department store, making it an obvious choice for satisfying your hunger before or after shopping.
Hallernes Smørrebrød in Magasin is our biggest store. You can either eat at the bar that surrounds the open kitchen, or at one of our 80 other seats.
Hallernes Smørrebrød in Magasin is also an obvious place to hold a lunch meeting.
Reservation possible for a minimum of 8 people.

Lyngby Storcenter

Tucked inside the North Zealand shopping centre, you’ll find a small oasis of restaurants offering a cosy atmosphere in the middle of the shopping buzz.
Here, you can also enjoy your smørrebrød at the bar that surrounds Hallernes Smørrebrød.
We have room for 10–12 guests, but right outside there is a common dining area.
Hallernes Smørrebrød in Lyngby Storcenter is an obvious place to eat before, during, or after shopping.
It is not possible to reserve a table.